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Feeders are for LOCAL sale only!

We are NOT able to ship feeders.

We are NOT able to supply large quantities of rats!  We can only supply those LOCAL people with SMALL reptile collections.


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We breed our own feeders here at Python Passion.  Once our collection started taking off, buying from pet stores became expensive, and there aren't many rodent breeders local to us, so we opted to get into breeding feeders.

We want to stress that we breed Norway rats only, not mice or any other feeders.  If you cannot use rats, we will not be able to help you, as we do not intend to get into breeding other feeders.  We breed mainly to feed our own collection of ball pythons, and with 18 snakes, and babies seasonally, we can go through many feeders in a month.  However, we have some surplus rats that we can sell locally.  With that being said, we will not be able to supply those with large collections of snakes, since we have only two breeder racks holding six tubs each.  We have 30 breeding females, and 6 males. 

Our rats are fed Mazuri 6F Rodent Breeder lab block, which is specially designed for feeder rodents, and are provided with a constant supply of fresh water.  Our rats are not given anything with red dye, especially Red Dye #40.  We sell live and frozen feeders; we freeze our feeders immediately after death to preserve them in their freshest state.  Below you will find price lists for both frozen and live feeders; we are sorry, but we are not able to ship feeders--they are for local sale only.  We offer a 10% discount if you purchase feeders by the bag rather than individually (discounted price per bag is listed below).  Please contact us regarding feeders for sale to make sure we have what you require.

Our feeder sizes are based on Rodent Pro, though we have 2 additional sizes: Hoppers, which are between pup and weaned; and Small Plus, which is the larger end of the Small range.  We will try to get photos up as soon as possible for size reference on all feeders.  In the meantime, if you come by we can show you what sizes we have so that you may determine the size you need for your snakes.

Below are some pictures of our rat colony:



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2018 Potential Offspring

  • Normal possible het Ghosts
  • Ghosts
  • Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Sable possible het Ghosts
  • Sable Ghosts
  • Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Sable Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Sable Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Sables
  • Sable Pastels
  • Super Sable Pastels
  • Super Sables
  • Butters het Ghost
  • Super Butter BELs het Ghost
  • Spider Butters het Ghost
  • Spider Super Butter BELs het Ghost

2018 Season Updates

2018 Clutch 1: Pinstripe het Ghost X Sable het Ghost

  • Currently being paired

2018 Clutch 2: Super Sable X Mudball (Pastel Sable)

  • Currently being paired

2018 Clutch 3: Butter Spider Ghost (HoneyButter Bee) X Butter/Lesser BEL

  • Currently being paired