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Orange Hypo/Ghost

Orange Hypos/Ghosts were first proven simple recessive by NERD in 1994.  Hypo (hypomelanistic) is the best technical term for this morph, meaning a reduced amount of black pigment, as opposed to the albino, where there is a complete absence of black pigment.  "Ghost" is a term given to these animals since the reduction of black pigmentation results in a hazy looking animal that appears to be in permanent shed.  The top of the head is very faded (often appearing brown rather than black), and the shed skin of the animal has no markings.  There are several lines of hypomelanistic ball pythons; orange (pictured at right), green, peach, and butterscotch are a few examples, and refer to the saddle colors of the animal.  The different lines are not compatible with one another, however, and breeding a green hypo with an orange hypo will result in offspring that are double heterozygous for both traits, but will not produce a visual hypomelanistic animal.  Here at Python Passion, we are working with the orange hypo to eventually produce some honeybees (when mixed with the spider gene).

 We have a female orange hypomelanistic ball python in our collection.  She hatched on August 18, 2008 and is currently breeding with our spider ball python, to produce some 100% heterozygous for orange hypomelanistic and spider 100% heterozygous for orange hypomelanistic.  We will need a male spider heterozygous for orange hypomelanistic in order to produce the honeybee ball python.

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2017 Potential Offspring

  • Normals
  • Lessers/Butters
  • BELs (Blue-Eyed Leucistics)
  • Normal het Piebalds
  • Cinnamon het Piebalds
  • Normal possible het Ghosts
  • Ghosts
  • Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Butter possible het Ghosts
  • Butter Ghosts
  • Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Butter Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Butter Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Lesser/Butter Mystics
  • Lesser/Butter Pastels
  • Lesser/Butter Mystic Pastels

2017 Season Updates

2017 Clutch 1: Pastel Mystic X BEL (Super Butter/Lesser)

  • Eggs Hatched!
    0.1 Butter
    4.1 BEL (possibly Pastel)

2017 Clutch 2: BEL (Super Butter/Lesser) X Lesser

  • Eggs Hatched!
    0.3 Lesser
    0.2 BEL

2017 Clutch 3: Pinstripe (het Orange Ghost?) X Butter het Orange Ghost

  • Eggs Hatched!
    2.1 Pinstripe ph Orange Ghost
    1.0 Normal ph Orange Ghost
    0.1 Butter ph Orange Ghost
    0.1 Orange Ghost
    0.1 Butter Pinstripe ph Orange Ghost
    0.1 Butter Pinstripe Orange Ghost