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Pastel Jungle

Pastel Jungles (typically shortened to simply "pastel" in ball python slang) were first produced in captivity by Greg Graziani of Graziani Reptiles in 1997.  Two years later, NERD proved this mutation to be incomplete dominant (also referred to as co-dominant when pertaining to ball pythons), meaning that there is a "super" form of this mutation.  Pastels are typically a bright yellow or orange color in the saddles, with intense blushing along the black areas.  The head is usually very blushed, and the upper "lips" of the animal appear pale.  The eyes are green.  The super form is similar to the basic form, but all of the above traits are highly intensified.  As with many morphs, pastels are very bright as hatchlings and tend to darken as they age; this particular morph is known for "browning out" in the yellow/orange areas as it reaches adulthood.

Pastels are widely known for mixing with other morphs to produce some exceptional offspring.  A pastel and spider trait in the same animal are known as bumblebees, pastel and cinnamon in the same snake are known as pewters, and pastel and pinstripe combined the the same animal are called lemon blasts.  Pastels lighten and brighten, and are key to producing many different combos.

We have a male pastel in our collection.  He is already well over minimum breeding weight, and is being paired up with one of our females during the 2010-2011 breeding season.  He is a very nice, brightly colored snake even as an adult, with an interesting head and a large amount of gold striping along his neck and tail.  We are very anxious to see the type of young he will produce!

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2017 Potential Offspring

  • Normals
  • Lessers/Butters
  • BELs (Blue-Eyed Leucistics)
  • Normal het Piebalds
  • Cinnamon het Piebalds
  • Normal possible het Ghosts
  • Ghosts
  • Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Butter possible het Ghosts
  • Butter Ghosts
  • Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Butter Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Butter Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Lesser/Butter Mystics
  • Lesser/Butter Pastels
  • Lesser/Butter Mystic Pastels

2017 Season Updates

2017 Clutch 1: Pastel Mystic X BEL (Super Butter/Lesser)

  • Eggs Hatched!
    0.1 Butter
    4.1 BEL (possibly Pastel)

2017 Clutch 2: BEL (Super Butter/Lesser) X Lesser

  • Eggs Hatched!
    0.3 Lesser
    0.2 BEL

2017 Clutch 3: Pinstripe (het Orange Ghost?) X Butter het Orange Ghost

  • Eggs Hatched!
    2.1 Pinstripe ph Orange Ghost
    1.0 Normal ph Orange Ghost
    0.1 Butter ph Orange Ghost
    0.1 Orange Ghost
    0.1 Butter Pinstripe ph Orange Ghost
    0.1 Butter Pinstripe Orange Ghost