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Captive Bred Ball Pythons

Juno: Wildtype Angolan Python Female

We always wanted to branch out from ball pythons one day, and in addition to adding a blood python and a green tree python, we also wanted an Angolan python.  When a semi-local friend landed a breeding pair of them, we knew it was only a matter of time.  When Steve Beamer at Reptile Collective produced hatchlings in 2018, we immediately contacted him about purchasing a female.  This girl joined us in August of 2018.  It has been great getting to know her.  She's nothing like the ball pythons, as she is super-inquisitive and always moving.  She's also a much better eater than the ball pythons, as she has yet to refuse a meal when she isn't in shed.

How She Got Her Name: Most of our ball pythons are named after gods in Greek mythology, since that is an interest of ours.  However, for the other species, we wanted to go a different route.  Since it was highly unlikely we would have more than one or two of any other particular species, we decided to use the Roman mythology names for those.  Since this female Angolan python is the first other species we have acquired, she was named after the Roman queen of the heavens, Juno.  Eventually, we will add a male as well, whose name will be Jupiter.

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2022 Potential Offspring

  • Spider double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Yellowbelly  double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Butter double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Pinstripe  double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Blade Spider double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Blade Yellowbelly double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Spider Yellowbelly double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Blade Butter double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Blade Pinstripe double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Kingpin  double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Blade kingpin double het Clown/Orange Ghosts
  • Cinnamon het Orange Ghosts
  • Butter het Orange Ghosts
  • Cinnamon Butter het Orange Ghosts

2022 Season Updates

2022 Clutch 1:

Blade Clown X Spider Yellowbelly Orange Dream

  • Awaiting Ovulation

2022 Clutch 2:

Blade Clown X HoneyButter Pin (Butter Pinstripe Orange Ghost)

  • Awaiting Ovulation

2022 Clutch 3:

Cinnamon X Butter Orange Ghost

  • Awaiting Ovulation