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Piebald ball pythons were first proven simple recessive by Peter Kahl in 1997.  Piebalds (often shortened to "pieds" in typical ball python slang) are a very unique looking ball python.  Typically, most of the colors are similar to normal ball pythons, but most all have some white patches along the body that are surrounded by beautiful orange shades which vary in brightness.  They also have a very abberant pattern and the amount of white is highly variable, ranging from no-white to 95% white, but the head is always colored.  The amount of white does not appear to be affected genetically; low-white piebalds have been known to produce high-white offspring, just as high-white specimens have produced low-white offspring.

Ringers are often confused with piebalds, but genetically they are very different. Ringers, at this time, are not genetically proven reproduceable.  The easiest way to distinguish a piebald from a ringer is to look at the colored areas of the snake: those that have an abberant pattern are piebalds, while those with a normal pattern are not.  Pictured below is a low-white piebald, and you can see the odd markings that distinguishes them from ringers.  For further information on ringers and piebalds, I refer you to the Next World Exotics Morph Guide.

We have a male piebald ball python; he was added to our collection in March of 2010.  He is an '08 hatchling, and we are doing a joint project with Quiet Tempest Reptiles to breed him to a 100% heterozygous female.  In the future, we intend to begin a project by pairing him with our female cinnamon pastel ringer, and at some time later in the future we hope to produce a super cinnamon piebald, which is a solid black or brown patternless ball python with white patches.  The "panda pied" has been produced by creating a super black pastel piebald, and is a solid black animal with white patches; the super cinnamon piebald has not yet been produced to our knowledge, but we suspect it would be a solid brown animal with white patches.  We are also speculating about a lesser pied project.

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2018 Potential Offspring

  • Normal possible het Ghosts
  • Ghosts
  • Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Sable possible het Ghosts
  • Sable Ghosts
  • Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Sable Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Sable Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Sables
  • Sable Pastels
  • Super Sable Pastels
  • Super Sables
  • Butters het Ghost
  • Super Butter BELs het Ghost
  • Spider Butters het Ghost
  • Spider Super Butter BELs het Ghost

2018 Season Updates

2018 Clutch 1: Pinstripe het Ghost X Sable het Ghost

  • Currently being paired

2018 Clutch 2: Super Sable X Mudball (Pastel Sable)

  • Currently being paired

2018 Clutch 3: Butter Spider Ghost (HoneyButter Bee) X Butter/Lesser BEL

  • Currently being paired