Python Passion

Captive Bred Ball Pythons


Spider ball pythons are a dominant mutation (meaning there is no "super" form), and was first reproduced in 1999 by NERD.  Spiders vary greatly from individual to individual, but the basic pattern is the same: greatly reduced areas of black, resulting in a spider-webbing effect.  The saddles are greatly expanded on these animals, causing them to appear lighter than "normal" ball pythons, and varying shades of yellow and orange are present in these saddles.  Other features include varying amounts of white along the sides, green eyes, a black mustache along the upper "lips" of the animal, and varying lighter head patterns.  The "wobble" feature is associated with spiders and is the result of line breeding in an attempt to prove out a super form of the animal; however, no such animal was ever produced, and therefore proved this mutation to be dominant rather that incomplete dominant.  The wobble varies among individuals, with some animals having an extreme case while others have little to no symptoms.  While the wobble can be unnerving to the keeper (and almost heartbreaking to the keeper in very extreme cases), it does not appear to effect the snake's ability to feed and thrive.  Some spiders exhibit more of the wobble as youngsters and may grow out of it, while some youngsters show no signs of it, but develop it as they age.

We have a male spider ball python in our collection.  At approximately two months of age, he exhibited a very minor wobble, in which he would turn his head slightly upside-down, but would always very quickly right himself.  This is a very minor case which he outgrew within six months.  His feeding response was never affected, nor did feeding pronounce his wobble (as has been previously reported by others who keep spiders).  We feel confident that our spider's wobble is very minor, and hope that the young he produces will not have major issues with this.  All young produced by him will be heavily monitored for signs of the wobble before being sold.  We have produced spiders in the 2009-2010 season.  We have begun our honeybee project this season by pairing our spider with our orange hypo.

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2018 Potential Offspring

  • Normal possible het Ghosts
  • Ghosts
  • Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Sable possible het Ghosts
  • Sable Ghosts
  • Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Sable Pinstripe possible het Ghosts
  • Sable Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Sables
  • Sable Pastels
  • Super Sable Pastels
  • Super Sables
  • Butters het Ghost
  • Super Butter BELs het Ghost
  • Spider Butters het Ghost
  • Spider Super Butter BELs het Ghost

2018 Season Updates

2018 Clutch 1: Pinstripe het Ghost X Sable het Ghost

  • Currently being paired

2018 Clutch 2: Super Sable X Mudball (Pastel Sable)

  • Currently being paired

2018 Clutch 3: Butter Spider Ghost (HoneyButter Bee) X Butter/Lesser BEL

  • Currently being paired